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Aris It is always difficult to talk about cultural differences. Especially when one compares two countries like Italy and Taiwan, which not only are themselves very diverse and complex, but which have culturally and historically barely anything in common with each other. However, after living in Taiwan for more than a year and a half, I have discovered so many things that I had never seen or experienced in Italy or Europe, that I think this topic can be interesting to those who are planning to move here or who are simply curious about Taiwan. I am writing this post not because I want to give an objective or scientific account of the cultural differences between the two countries, but only in order to explain a few general impressions, which are entirely personal. Everyone can judge for himself if and how true my perception is. Just come to Taiwan and check it out! What surprised me here is the completely different way in which Taiwanese people seem to enjoy food when they eat with their family members. After the meal, we usually have a coffee and go on talking. Basically, it is a relaxed, jovial atmosphere. The most unusual thing, though, is that people seem to eat much faster than in Italy, often without talking that much.

Average and Minimum Salary in Taipei, Taiwan

I first left home with a backpack in , and I’ve been living in Taiwan for the last 10 years. I am especially drawn to religious centers, spiritual sights, and natural attractions. See my full bio , read my book , or check out my photos!

Jan 10,  · Happier Abroad Forum Community. If Taiwan were a real dating paradise, then Rock would not go to Bangkok. He’d stay in Taipei and go out with Taiwanese models and have a wild sex party with them in his hotel room. But reality isn’t like that. ↳ Expat Living and Dating VIP Forum (Members Only) General HA Discussions ↳ Announcements.

Cuffing Season is Year-Round Photographer: In the interest of keeping current on the trends explaining outside elements of my tormented love life, I read an article about a toxic dating trend. You have what you think are open and honest conversations about your emotions, about your goals, about the future.

We leave our families and for most of us our friends and support systems back home. Romantic relationships are different. Everything is intensified when you feel instantly loved and cared for.

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Living Abroad — 26 Comments July 21, This post will be the first of a few about dating abroad as a Western woman. In this post I explore the general cultural backdrop of the dating scene in Poland. Having only lived in two other countries other than the US, this post will be limited in the scope of its observations. I wish I had the chance to live in at least one modern Western country other than the US to draw some true parallels.

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Hong Kong is a relatively small island with a little extra in terms of land and some other things. While at times it can seem a little overwhelming, hot, crowded and in a lot of places dirty, the right approach can reveal the sunnier side of things, at least from the perspective of the randy man. The truth is that despite everything else Hong Kong is one of the easiest places to get laid in the world. Surely some of that exists but what else would you expect from a place like Hong Kong?

And to be honest, I think a lot of the people who complain abut Hong Kong and especially the women who live there are just bitter about their own failings. As small as Hong Kong is it offers a myriad of options to guys looking to get laid. There are seemingly endless options for men to score freebies, engage in pay for play, and enter the murky grey area in between the two. Even though Hong Kong is located in the heart of Asia a lot of the women who live there can speak at least passable English.

That alone would in theory make it easier for English speaking foreigners to meet women. Even a first time visitor who had no game at all could be balls deep in a matter of minutes thanks to the wide range of commercial sex services available.

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They feature live music every day, live sports on every screen, International pub food including Irish dishes and various kinds of draught beers Bintang, Heineken, San Miguel, Kilkenny, Guinness. I would say the crowd is more Indonesian as well but I might be wrong. Murphy’s and Molly Malone’s. It attracts a more upper-class crowd of expats, including women, and Indonesians too.

craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events.

A tricky subject that expats and Taiwanese can talk about endlessly. I have not yet found the time to really dig into it, but I stumbled upon two videos I highly recommend for anyone interested in the dynamics of Taiwanese-Foreigner relationships and their perception by Taiwanese society. Nationalism and girls who date foreigners Some Taiwanese refer to local girls dating Western i. My German blog entry about this subject: That is why this video is worth watching. Click CC for English subtitles.

The filmmakers interviewed five women. And a Western guy, whose blurred-out statements do not add that much. Some statements I found interesting: French must be romantic. There is more space for your imagination than with a Taiwanese guy. With him, you know how he grew up.

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He retreated to Taiwan with the ROC government and vowed to one day re-take the Mainland At that time, the ROC had occupied Taiwan before the post-war treaties were in effect, becoming the government in exile. In , it was estimated there were nearly 43, Chiang statues in various locations throughout Taiwan. It is also known among expat residents as the ‘Garden of the Generalissimos’. However, there are still many Chiang statues remaining in Taiwan, where they continue to watch over public squares, schools, and parks.

Why dating for expats? 4 Reasons Online Dating Works for Expatriate Singles in Taipei No matter who you ask, you will get the same answer: dating in is hard.

Expert Vagabond — Matthew Karsten is an adventure travel addict, photographer and great storyteller. His curiosity of the world took him to many places around the globe. For the last 4 years he shares his entertaining stories, beautiful images, and useful travel tips with us. His recipe for happiness is simple — Live the life you want, not the way other expect. True Nomads — Justin Carmack travels and dives for a living.

Permanent nomad, he believes that travel should be a lifestyle, not a vacation. For over 8 years he is trotting the world sharing quirky travel stories and photos along the way. He spent a lot of time as an English teacher in Asia. Wandering Earl — Long term traveler Derek Earl Baron shares his best secrets for travelling the world on a budget for years.

Human interactions and first-hand education that travel provides is what he searches for. LandLopers — Matt travels the world in order to share how to experience the best the world has to offer. Tips for everyone from the novice to the pro traveler.

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You will be able to find long, lasting relationships and spare yourself a lot of heartache and disappointment. Here are my 5 tips on finding love in Indonesia. Be Understanding Relationships are hard, mixed race relationships are harder.

Apr 29,  · Happier Abroad Forum Community. Like Taipei, its generally much cheaper to rent than buy in Shanghai (ie rental yields in both places are very low). ↳ Expat Living and Dating VIP Forum (Members Only) General HA Discussions ↳ Announcements ↳ News and Current Events.

Those who owned have become relatively rich. Most everyone else is fairly poor because they earn peanuts and have been priced out of the housing markets except for renting. This is not healthy. If Chinese home owners are taking equity out of their inflated home values to buy consumer goods then the bubble collapse will be extremely ugly.

She seems to fit his spec pretty well even though she’s never lived in the States. But he’s only known her a few weeks. It’s pretty rare that I meet any Taiwanese out and about. Most of them are in the U. Both ended up marrying hot and classy Korean girls and settling there for the long haul. We speculated that the right title at a firm like Samsung would open-up all kinds of social and relationship doors to a foreigner, that it would be significantly better even than being an expat there working for a leading foreign MNC.

If you work as an executive at Samsung and speak fluent Korean, you are going to be perceived very differently than most foreigners by the people that count most.

Traveling Taipei: Longshan Temple

Freak thunderstorms also occur relatively often during the summer, so an umbrella should be brought or bought after arrival just in case. There is some risk of typhoons in their July-September season, but they are not common. Snowfall is rare, but transportation networks can sometimes be disrupted in the event of a sudden snowstorm.

Home → Expat Tales → Dating Culture In Korea Yesterday, I asked my students what the weather was like outside. They’re used to this warm up after 10 months of being my students.

Article Banner Ad for Desktop Article Banner Ad for Mobile You might think that the gayest moment of my life would have been going to Pride in New York City or watching the L Word with a bunch of rugby players, but actually it was the night I stepped out of an elevator on the top floor of a nondescript building in Seoul, South Korea, and emerged into a sea of lesbians.

It was my first week in Seoul, where I had moved to teach English at an elementary school, and mostly what I was conscious of before getting out of that elevator was how jet-lagged I was and how the entire city seemed to consist of an undifferentiated mass of neon. As I became more familiar with Korea and with the language over the next two years, this veneer of seemingly perfect straightness gained more nuance as I learned to spot the cracks.

I had engineered a magical disappearing gayness act so convincing that not even I noticed the sleight of hand. Earlier that day I had met up with a group of queer expat women I found through Facebook, and after a barbeque and karaoke we made our way to Labrys, which is to say that we walked into an unmarked building that also housed a clothing store, squeezed eight people into an elevator meant for four that was vibrating with the bass blasting from the top floor, and were transported to Homo Heaven.

I have never seen so many lesbians in one place.

Eastern Girls and Western Boys

Average and Minimum Salary in Taipei, Taiwan January 25, Off The average and minimum salary in Taipei reflect the versatility of one of the strongest economies in Asia, in the Republic of China Taiwan If you are considering to move to Taiwan, the average and minimum salary in Taipei figures are helpful figures to understand the economy of the country. Taipei City Center Despite its small territorial size, the economy of Taiwan is the 5th largest in Asia.

The island has manage to develop its economy mostly focused on technology, and today it has a global role as a tech products manufacturer. This figure is valid not ony for Taipei, but for the whole of Taiwan. However, the cost of living in Taipei is by far greater than other major cities in Taipei, like Tainan or Taichung. If you come to work in Taiwan as an expat, English teacher or in a corporate job, you can expect a much higher figure.

When I tested the largest Hong Kong dating site, 72% of the girls replied to my message. But a lot of them weren’t Chinese. I chatted with girls from the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Japan.

To give you an idea, think of a donut; the donut itself is New Taipei City, the donut hole is Taipei. So, basically, Taipei is completely surrounded by New Taipei City. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and the Northern most city, where as Kaiochung is the big city in the South. Taipei, Taiwan — Woman Rating 3. Well the truth is Taiwanese women, and actually a majority of the Taiwanese people, are very straight-laced.

From a sexual standpoint, Taiwanese women are very conservative. On a positive note, almost ALL Taiwanese chicks that will be open to dating your foreign ass will speak pretty good English and will be well traveled. Taiwan was the first place I had been in Asia where a majority of the women I met had been abroad to some Western country and some even studied Uni there.

Aside from Taiwanese women there are a good number of Western women there as well. Most of these fair damsels are a bit on the homely side and a majority of them carry their Western born sense of entitlement with them. The only chick I fucked while living in Taiwan was actually from Belize! If you want a bike, roads are much safer so you have that option as well.

The biggest site in Taiwan for find a place is http: So yeah, the mongering sucks.

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Against my better judgment, I went into Midnite last week with an out-of-town friend who got dragged into Midnite by one of its seductive hostesses. I warned my friend about going into this bar but he insisted on going in because of the cutie that was wrapped around his arm. Plus, he was buying so he was going to be on the hook, not me. What I did was instruct my friend to pay cash for every round of drinks as they came in.

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Your One-Stop Taipei Guide: Let me know if you know of any others! Head to the festival for a major tea fix. Discover more here Chinese only. Find out more about the Festival here. Find out more here. Taiwan Original Boardgame Expo September 9 An expo held in the Daan district that focuses on new and unique boardgames. Vegan Desert Sharing September 9 An afternoon tea party with a vegan twist!

Views of The Enjoy a dip in the Shangri-la pool, and an all-female DJ lineup. Find out more info here. For more info, check out this page.

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