Sooyoung, Amber, Yesung, Taiwan fans & more post their farewells to SHINee’s Jonghyun

Jonghyun is the shortest member in SHINee. Jonghyun was born in Seoul, South Korea on April 8th, Before joined with SM Entertainment, Jonghyun has been active in music since he was in junior high school. He was in a band and participated in many festival in his region. In his band, his position was not as a vocalist, but as a bassist. Jonghyun joined at SM Entertainment after he won auditioned at the S. They also promoted another single from the album, “Hot Times”. The song ‘Honesty’ is written to give thanks to their fans who have stayed by their side with unchanging love until now. On October 12, in Jakarta, Indonesia at the Korea-Indonesia Sharing Friendship Concert Jonghyun sustained ligament injuries to his left ankle after he was mobbed by excited fans following Shinee’s performance. Jonghyun only receive a small cast to protect his ankle.

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In which Minho is deaf. I really like how their relationship is portrayed and how it progresses and how Jonghyun learns sign language for Minho and how Minho learns to play the guitar just for Jonghyun. Gosh, it’s just so sweet. I think it’s AU. And more plotless smut. But the part with Taemin is just hilarious.

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The group debuted on May 25, and consists of five members: SHINee is considered as one of the best live vocalists and known for sharp and difficult dance choreographies with high synchronization. Therefore, they won many awards and held several concert tours. The whole fandom is commonly known as a calm and chill fandom because there are barely any fandoms wars or scandals except some clashings with Exo-Ls and other minor things. SHINee is also popular among not-fans and is hardly getting criticized since they can practically make every concept work.

In July even former US president Obama mentioned them in one of his speeches [2]. The style was popular among students and led to producing more of such clothes as well as SHINee advertising several companies. Despite becoming more mature the band managed to keep its unique style.

Jonghyun: Fans mourn death of SHINee K-pop star

You worked really hard. That day when you were sitting across from me, my eyes were on you for a long time. I didn’t want to act like a sunbae who thought she knew everything, so I didn’t really say anything to you

Dec 11,  · SHINee’s Jonghyun and Key (JongKey) for Jille Magazine pics and interview with English : Oddness/Weirdness.

Jonghyun’s sister called police after he sent her disturbing text messages They took him to hospital but he was declared dead on Monday, December 18 CNN Fans of K-pop superstar Kim Jong-hyun are expressing their grief at the loss of the year-old singer who died Monday after committing suicide at a studio apartment in the Gangnam district of Seoul. Better known as Jonghyun, Kim’s death was confirmed by his management company, SM Entertainment, which said: SHINee’s Jonghyun left us suddenly.

Police said Jonghyun’s sister called them to the apartment about 6 p. Monday, reportedly after receiving troubling text messages from him. Tell me I did well,” and, “Final farewell,” the star said in the messages, according to South Korean media. Read More Jonghyun was rushed to a nearby university hospital but was declared dead later that evening, SM Entertainment said in the statement.

I’m still crying for this. Kim Jonghyun, now and forever. He was an even better person and he will be forever missed. The world of K-pop has lost one of its brightest stars,” he said.

Lee Tae-min

If you’re unfamiliar with his career, he’s everything you need to know about the late star. He joined the band in and went on to release his own solo records as well. He was found dead at his home after his sister phone police saying her younger brother was threatening to take his own life. The singer was part of a huge boy band in Korea called Shinee What were Shinee’s hit songs? Shinee won a legion of fans straightaway with their debut single, “Replay”, in and followed it up with hits including “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer”.

The four other members of SHINee actually never dated! Jonghyun’s the only one that has, or now you may say, had a girlfriend. So, no. They’re just really good friends. As you can probably see in.

Sebagian besar orang berpikir kalau mereka hanya bersahabat, tetapi yang benar adalah mereka berpacaran. Aku tahu kedengarannya konyol dan kalian kira aku hanya mengarang cerita, tapi tidak. Mereka sudah berpacaran selama setahun. Tapi mereka merahasiakannya karena manajemen mereka tidak ingin publik tahu. Teman Koreaku punya banyak koneksi ke Shinee dan SM Ayahnya punya perusahaan besar dan ibunya adalah teman istri dari salah satu orang yang mengurus konser Shinee.

Dia selalu dapat tiket gratis dan bertemu mereka. Dan sepupunya adalah teman dari salah satu teman kakaknya Taemin. Pokoknya, dia selalu dapat informasi tentang Shinee yang tidak kita ketahui. Sepupu temanku itu bilang kalau temannya dikasih tahu kakaknya Taemin kalau Taemin cerita bahwa Key pacaran dengan Nicole.

K-netizen Claim Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Min Suk are Dating But Agencies Deny the Rumor

There are lots of others as well though. Actually, they all have nicknames they use in promotions and the like. There are numerous rehearsal fancams of them playing or touching or flirting with each other. The ” Lucifer ” music video, obviously. Key eating a donut on television. This particular OnKey moment.

AUTHOR: dirty_angel. CAST: Amy, Anna, TVXQ, SHINee, SNSD, Super Junior, Lee Sooman. STORY: CHAPTER OH GOD. After the dream she had, Amy couldn’t sleep.

Dec 20, – Following the initial shock, calls to revamp the competitive, controlled and stressful ecosystem of idol singers are resonating in the K-pop scene. We made the shape of a person on the bed. It is conventional in the Korean music scene for agencies to keep their stars on a tight leash — so to speak — to the extent of making the members of a group live together.

Island jokingly said started with his group. Members of the K-pop sensation still live in what is essentially a dormitory, albeit set in the most expensive apartment in the country. Entertainment, the agency for SHINee. Talent scouts scour high school singing contests, auditions for reality TV and every other perceivable corner to find talent. Trainees are honed by professionals for years under contracts, and only a handful out of thousands are picked as potential star material.

Even then, the competition is not over.

K-netizen Claim Oh Yeon Seo and Kim Min Suk are Dating But Agencies Deny the Rumor

When you two first met you were still a minor, which made him a little bit uncomfortable. But by now that you are 18 and finally of legal age he feels really comfortable dating you. He had kept a close friendship with you until you had your 18th birthday, which was hard for him as he already had feelings for you, but he wanted to keep everything nice and clean so that no one could be mad in the end.

After you two started dating he will shyly wrap his arms around your torso from behind giving you a nice warm back hug. They bothered me every single day since we started dating. Key even tried to call you himself by stealing my phone.

Debut and The Shinee World []. On May 22, , the group’s first mini-album, Replay was released from label company, SM Entertainment. The mini-album debuted at #10 on the Korean music charts and peaked at #8, selling 17, copies in the first half of

Sorry for the bad gramar the laptop the owner uses to make the reactions has crashed and we are using one from that has super bad graphics and runs slow when you post a gif! You two had been kissing instead of learning the new dance that you needed to know when you decided to call him that word. When you said it to him, he smiled and pulled you into the dark corner of the dance hall and kissed you all over. You two were on a walk in the park when he locked his fingers into yours as a cute way to let you know how much he likes you.

You decided to call him that words just to see what his reaction was. He immediatly called a cab so you two can go home. You two always had talked about spicing up your relationship and tonight would be the night.

Calling SHINee FANS!!!~!! Jonghyun dating!~?

Their goal as a contemporary band is to be a trendsetter in all fields of music, fashion, dance, etc. Countdown, also on May 22, On 23 May, their first mini album, Replay, was released and debuted at 10 on the charts and peaked at 8. On October 30, , they released their first album repackaged called Amigo. SHINee really the best newcomer in

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Shinee reaction to secretly dating but then they kiss you in front of cameras on accident like the exo one. Please and thank you!! It was ironic… He called you to ask you to meet him at the spot where you two first met to ask you how you would feel about your relationship becoming public. There were already rumors that he was dating, so why not confirm them? He had no idea that there were fans behind the two of you, capturing the entire meeting. He kissed you out of excitement when you agreed to go public and the kiss soon went viral.

The next day he got calls from the other members asking him if he knew about your relationship going public and he was more than shocked. When he realized that fans had captured the kiss and that the kiss had gone viral he was angry that the relationship had been exposed like that, but at least it was public, right? Sure, the two of you were mostly in the shadows but it was clear that Kibum was kissing somebody. The photo- while the original had been deleted- quickly spread and he was given the choice to either break up with you or go public.

The choice was ridiculously easy, so he went public, asking for privacy when it came to you and the relationship he had with you.

Jonghyun’s Funeral Attended By His SHINee Bandmates

Well now they’re taking it even further in the January issue of Jille magazine. Both of them who are highly interested in fashion talked about pea coats which are the theme for this month, and also talked about girls’ fashion. We both speak openly, that’s why we can understand each other. People always think that I’m a cold person when meeting me for the first time because I’m shy with strangers. Then the impression will change as we get along together.

Is key from shinee dating anyone Posted in girfriend on Posted on by admin And during The Fame, min is key from shinee dating anyone his musical debut in Grease and was the first member of SS who debuted as a solo artist with his single album Not Alone.

Born on July 18, The youngest of 2 brothers. Discovered at the time of audition ” S. Weekend Open Audition Casting ” 4. Join the BC training in grades 1 through auditions since junior high. SHINee maknae aka the youngest member. Position as a Lead Dancer because he’s most good at dancing. Key Taemin like diomelin same trouble Taemin like blink if you’ve in front of the camera. Quite narcissistic as well Having Height cm and 50kg weight.

Onew oppa Taemin admire her because of Vocal Charisma. He wants to also have a voice like that. Ever Spent Banana Milk.

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