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His castle sits high up in the hills of central Italy. A bell hanging in the tower that crowns the castle carries an inscription dating it to Parts of the building are older still, having been constructed by a nobleman in the service of Otto III, a German emperor who conquered Italy in the 10th Century. The Romans, who ruled these hills for 1, years, seem like contemporaries. Some were produced locally to transport the wine for which this region has always been famous. Others came from as far away as Athens, proof that Etruscan salesmen gave Italy an early niche in the international market. But the discipline has become an academic preserve, tightly controlled by universities and professors with little tolerance for even the most enthusiastic amateurs. Self-taught, he makes up for his lack of a doctoral degree with the essential prerequisite for any excavation: Lost civilizations are recovered by digging them out of the earth, an expensive undertaking.

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The painting represents the intense moment of encounter between the Virgin Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, who reveal to each other that both are pregnant Elizabeth is the mother of Saint John the Baptist. The museum has provided extensive information about this painting from an art historical point of view, as well as a report from the recent restoration that was carried out especially for the show; I publish an edited version below.

Thus the painting was attributed and published only in , although after this first article by Carlo Gamba, an Early Modern citation popped up: So the will may be taken as a terminus ante quem for the altarpiece, which must have been finished and already installed on the altar by ; yet it cannot be used as evidence for the altarpiece having been painted around that date. Fresco in the Capponi Chapel. Photo Flickr drzucker The Virgin in the Capponi Chapel Annunciation could almost be considered a fifth character in the encounter of Carmignano.

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I’m not an expert on the subject but since there seems to be no Centurion expert on the Web, I thought I would just throw out what I know. Most of what I’ve learned has been gleaned from others, including a former regional sales manager for Western States Imports WSI , the Canoga Park, California company that designed, had manufactured in Japan and marketed in the US and elsewhere its Centurion road bikes and, later, its Diamondback mountain bikes. It was an easy date to remember for the Weiner family as it was also the day Mitchel’s nephew, Rick Weiner, was born.

While the Weiners focused on running the business and on marketing, “Cozy” Yamakoshi served as WSI’s product development manager, doing most of the frame design work and coordinating and supervising the manufacture of his creations in Japan and exporting them to the US. The earliest models of the Centurion line had high-tensile steel frames but by the late s and into the early s Centurion’s pricier models, such as the Professional and Semi-Professional late s , Pro Tour late s to early s and the Turbo and Comp TA models early s featured Tange’s high-end Champion 1 or 2 tubing, a double-butted, seamless chromium-molybdenum CrMo steel alloy.

The difference in weight between Champion 1 and 2 tubing and the later high-end tubing used for Centurions, simply labeled Tange 1 and Tange 2 by about was so small less than 3oz for a 58cm c-c frame, all eight tubes that it seems a bit silly to debate supposed frame quality differences between these two high-end tubesets. All eight tubes for 58cm c-c Lower-end models of this period featured Infinity tubing for the three main tubes and high-tensile tubing for seat and chain stays and fork blades.

In the highly competitive market of the late s, Centurion’s mid-priced models boasted Tange 1 and 2 tubing for the three main tubes and use of high-tensile steel became a thing of the past for even entry-level machines as Infinity replaced it. The Centurion frames of the late s and early s were mostly outfitted with SunTour components or a mix of SunTour, Sugino and other components.

Later, as their rival Japanese component maker Shimano came to dominate the market with innovative, quality components at highly competitive prices, WSI switched almost entirely to Shimano, with the lower and mid-priced Centurions sporting the Shimano’s OEM “Light Action” parts and higher-priced models sporting Shimano , Shimano EX and later Shimano Ultegra and Shimano Dura-Ace groupsets.

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While racing, there is just one rule: You can’t be clever. Even if you find out that it’s truly your day, that you don’t feel the chain, that you’re going like a motorcycle. To give is never a mistake.

built to promote cinelli frame sales for bike shop.(frame never ridden) mid 80’s campy chorus drivetrain,cinelli stem and 90’s campy zonda wheelset. brand new Rolls saddle. frame sticker has a wrinkle as pictured but have a new one as soon as I find it. thanks Paul.

This is a noncommercial, just-for-fun, hobbyist site. The primary purpose of this site is to gather and disseminate information about early lugged, steel-framed road bikes made by the Trek Bicycle Corporation , Waterloo, Wisconsin. In response to popular demand, the site has expanded to include not-so-vintage Trek bikes of all kinds as new as Mountain bikers, and carbon and aluminum aficionados do not despair – the brochure extracts on the site contain a list of specs for all of the bikes Trek produced in that year.

Additionally, the table of Trek models by year includes all Trek bikes through Additionally, specifications and pictures for and newer Treks are available on the Trekbikes. Before this site began, in various bicycle-related Internet discussion forums there were posted questions like: How old is my Trek? How was it equipped when new? What was the original selling price?

The query usually went unanswered.

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However, it appears that the names of bike models were not used very long as they are not used in the The early fastback seatstay, available only on the TX , was visually appealing, but also problematic for Trek. According to a dealer in , it took more labor to produce higher cost , was difficult to make, and had a slightly higher return rate that the conventional stay configuration.

The Colnago serial number database.. as yet does not exist. This is just what I discovered by trying to research online the following quote from a ’73 Colnago Super restorer “Early Colnago’s can be a bit difficult to determine their exact age because they didn’t use serial numbers.

Its 18 routes serve an average of 15, daily riders, and provides an important turnaround point for the 16th Street Free MallRide, which at long last has a southern terminus worthy of the heavily-trafficked thoroughfare. This intersection represents an iconic spot in the city, where culture, green space, civic pride and transit all converge.

On either side of the station are two staircases that ascend to a terrace, a great new public asset from which visitors can mingle, dine, and enjoy degree views of the State Capitol, Civic Center Park, Colfax Ave. The winning entry is a thoughtful yet bold approach to creating a walkable, active and transit-oriented civic space, aimed at transforming the current plaza and MUNI station at Castro and Market Streets into an enjoyable gathering spot for San Franciscans.

The site of the Plaza is at the very corner where Harvey Milk would gather and rally the Castro community to action, often speaking from atop his soapbox. This plaza not only creates a distinct gateway to the Castro neighborhood, but also allows the site to become a new architectural, yet human-scaled, urban icon for The City by the Bay.

In order to best honor his memory, our goal was to create a place for the community, a place for people to be themselves and build solidarity. How can design improve communication and collaboration among medical professionals and, ultimately, create a better treatment environment for patients?

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Let us design a custom musette for you. These musettes are perfect for short day rides, runs to the store or post office, or any other ride where all you might need is a wallet, a windbreaker, and a place to put any goodies you might pick up! Watch out that the fashionista in your life doesn’t appropriate it for the runways!

The bleached, light-weight cotton musette measures 10 x To order, click the “Add to Cart” button and you will be taken to a Secure Site:

The item “Retro Kult NOS NEW Tange steel 26 inch Cinelli MTB ATB hard tail frame frameset” is in sale since Thursday, March 22, This item is in the category “Sporting Goods\Cycling\Bike Frames”.

The improvement in quality, after the opening of the huge new refineries in Cheshire and at Fawley, Southampton official opening 14 Sep , seriously hit bicycle sales. Bill Hurlow says things were so slow at Holdsworth at the end of that they used to wait for the mail to be opened to see if they had any frames to build that day. The situation re-stabilised, but in July president Nasser of Egypt nationalised the Suez canal, hitting fuel supplies to the UK and all British industry.

This time, the petrol shortage was bad for bike sales. Despite the fact that Claud Butler cycles were held in very high regard, the company, already in financial straits, went into receivership in Oct Clauds drinking will not have helped.

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Online Vouchers, both printable and web accessible are here BinBin.

Cinelli Bikes is a leader in the fixed gear bike scene and produce bicycles, bike frames, bike parts, and cycling accessories for the urban cyclist.

I got my first bike there sold to me by Tony. Tony was up front in the shop with Mick building the frames out back. Mick carried on in what was to become one of the last of the “proper” bike shops, where you could chew the fat, get him to cannibalise something for a spare part, and if you were lucky, get him to build a frame. Frame building became far a few between as the 80’s progressed with Mick stopping in the 90’s.

I had him build for me, what I believe is, the last ever Emperor Sport frame in I think Emperor Sport used to feature heavily in Cycling later to became Cycling Weekly as Sean Yates rode Emperor frames before he turned pro. Mick retired a few years ago and last year or the year before had a very nasty accident when a steerer broke on his bike. I am lucky to have two original Emperors: The early Emperor Sport frames only had “Emperor” as the frame transfer, the Sport turned up later.

The serial number will start with the year for the early models; ie. Roberts still produce real works of art I have two of those as well which by far exceed any of the continental brands.

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It is an early to mid ‘s Cinelli Super Corsa. It has no holes in the fork tangs or the head lugs which started to appear in It also still has an oiler port on the BB shell and the drain hole in the bottom of the BB shell which disappeared in the mid 60’s.

Welcome to Dullsville Thoughts on Bikes, Kids and Aging Recent Posts. the wife was on her ’70 Holdsworth Team Pro that we built up 21 tears ago when we were first dating. I had the ’69 Cinelli out for her first ride Cinelli has always been one of my favorites. Had a very cool old frame from the early 60’s that I set up with a single.

Long Term Memory Memory is a funny thing. I have found that as I look back on my life at age 55, I see it in episodes. The memories sometimes seem like movies, or books I once read. They seems to stretch back so far into the past. Growing up in the many different places we lived when I was a kid, then all the crazy things I did after leaving home. Went to Alaska at 19 and nearly died, then hitchhiked across the country to return home in Lived in many east coast cities working every job you could imagine, finally staying in Greenwich Village for 5 years.

Rode the bicycle across the US in ’77, and settled at the beach with two other guys for a couple of years in the most intense party house you could imagine. Then my first marriage that lasted 5 years, owning my own bike shop for 7 years. Finally my real marriage for the last 19 years, buying a house, raising two kids now teens. And I’m deliberately leaving some really wild stuff unmentioned for fear that my kids might read this.

As the Grateful Dead once said, “What a long strange trip it’s been. When I got here from my cross country bike trip, I was fortunate enough to have a very good friend who had moved here at the beginning of the summer.

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Email A fixie is a bike without a freewheel—think: It’s a simple concept that provokes some serious emotion in the cycling world: Bikers either love fixies or loathe them. To help you decide which side you’re on, we start here with an ode to the fixie written by Stephen Regenold, editor and founder of GearJunkie. Read on for an anti-fixie screed from Outside Online’s editor, Scott Rosenfield, an avid cyclist who’s not a fan of the hipster’s favored ride. In Praise of Fixies The first time I rode a fixie, in , it nearly killed me.

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Cinelli , cool shop bike , Ron Kitching , S. The shop has owned this bike for 10 plus years. Usually it has hung in the office behind me, but it now resides on a rack space out of sight. It is a superb competition machine that looks quite unassuming to the average eye. However, one look at the details reveal its pedigree.

It is has also been a bit difficult in dating it because some details are inconsistent with the time line. The enameled brass head badge is 51mm tall, which were used between It also has the older two bolt Seat binder attachment as opposed to the later three piece design which appeared in

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Please contact me at: Columbus SL The Benotto top frames were built in Italy and very highly regarded in the s and early 80s. Benotto sponsored a pro team and the model was essentially a Team replica. This frame is really very special — take a look at the lug shorelines and filing and the little point to the front of the seat lug. It is frequently asserted that these frames were built by De Rosa — it is not true though there were some Team frames back in the s that were… However they did adopt some similar features such as the triangular shaped chainstays and heart cutout in the BB shell; on the other hand the fork crown is pure Pela… However these top of the range Benottos are exceptionally nice.

This one dating I think from is in very sound condition; its major fault is poor chrome on the fork.

Over the years our Long Haul Trucker touring frame and complete bike has developed a devoted following. People understand and appreciate the LHT’s dependability and everyday riding comfort, whether they’re cruising to the store or lost in the middle of nowhere. The Long Haul Trucker .

Evaluation One of the axioms of the classic-bike business is that even very old bikes usually don’t show a lot of wear, because people just don’t ride them much. This bike never heard that axiom. It clearly has been ridden–a lot. The components, as I received it, were an eclectic mix of Shimano and Campagnolo parts, everything from a Shimano XT rear derailleur to a Shimano headset to a modern Campagnolo Chorus?

Together, the components were virtually a bicycle history lesson from the late 70s almost to the present. The components showed quite a bit of wear and were pretty grungy. It was obvious that they would have to be removed to get everything spruced up. Also, I planned to refit it with period components, so it would have the overall appearance and “feel” of a period bike.

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