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His birthday is 30 December Jimin said V sometimes worse than the maknae Jungkook. He likes searching for good songs that not many people know about it. V favourite color is Black, white, green V Blood Type is AB. V likes almost all of the cartoons on Tooniverse and he watched most of them. But sometimes he comes up with really good ideas and surprises us.

[★BREAKING] Multiple death threats made against BTS and target member Jimin

These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images K-pop has been the driving force of Korean popular culture for more than two decades and one band is now leading the way. It’s big business across Asia, contributing billions of dollars annually to the South Korean economy, but has yet to make a significant impact on Western markets. While pop star Psy found massive chart success with his dance hit Gangnam Style, his star soon fizzled.

But come and enter BTS , the seven-piece boyband who last year managed to go where no K-pop act had gone before by conquering a notoriously difficult and unforgiving market: They had the highest charting album ever by a K-pop act on the Billboard charts and in November, became the first K-pop act to top the US iTunes chart. The boys wrapped up a milestone year by making social media history too.

BTS have received multiple death threats on Twitter by what appears to be deranged anti-fans, with some of the messages threatening Jimin specifically. The death threats were first brought to attention when ARMY began warning media, Big Hit Entertainment and BTS about them. ARMY began to immediately trend the hashtag “#ArmysWillProtectJimin” on Twitter, in attempts to spread the .

This is not requested but I just got inspired to write this, idek why tbh. I decided to make it fluffy and smutty because why not? Originally posted by seokjinies Seokjin let out a soft sigh as he turned his face to look at you. Your head was resting on his shoulder as your eyes were focused on the TV where your favorite show was playing.

You chuckled in response as you turned your face to look at him. Seokjin took his chance and leaned in to press his lips against yours. You smiled against his lips as he let out a chuckle. Seokjin would be a very sweet and slow kisser. He liked to take his time to kiss you. So obviously he wanted to kiss you during sex as well. Maybe a soft peck here or there but nothing too crazy. Unless you initiated it of course. He did like cuddling with you a lot and would hold you and have his arms wrapped around you.

BTS (방탄소년단) – Not Today

Each night is a marathon of sharp dance choreography, music-video interludes and indoor pyrotechnics—all backgrounded, of course, by the roars of screaming fans. But the band—whose name stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean and Beyond the Scene in English—is also breaking new ground. DJ who has collaborated with BTS. The group is also preternaturally adept at leveraging social media, both to promote their music and connect with their fans. But for now, at least, they may need sleep. They were formed by Bang Si-hyuk, a K-pop renegade who left a major label to start his own enterprise.

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BTS Randomly Changed Their Name and Their Fans Are Freaking Out About It

In my eyes it would suit him to have a girl by his side that still needs to learn a lot of things about love and relationships. Yoongi Experienced girl Personally I think Yoongi would want someone who already knows a lot and is pretty wise. Mostly because he simply wants someone who can understand him and his personality.

BTS’ Jin opened up a new restaurant with his July 22, reported sightings from fans and passers-by of Jin’s new restaurant spread across s.

Jimin Favorite number is 3 3. Jimin favorite Color is Light Blue, black 4. Jimin Blood Type is A 5. His birthday is 13 October Jimin Fanboy of Bigbang especially Taeyang. Jimin moved to Busan High School of Arts in the modern dance department and came here after his dance teacher suggested to audition for an entertainment company.

21 bts ff oneshot jimin dating a devil

Metro TV … Di postingan ini gue masih akan ngelanjutin tentang wejangan2 keren dari Eyang Habibie chingu. Jadi kemarin gue nonton beberapa video Eyang di youtube dan ngambil hal2 yang kira2 worthed buat dishare di sini. Masih di interview dengan Najwa Shihab, ketika Eyang ditanya tentang cita2 orangtua atau cita2 sendiri, Eyang menjawab dengan bijaksana yakni kita sebagai anak harus juga memperhatikan cita2 orangtua chingu. Orang tua kan mencita2kan kita mandiri, bisa berkembang dan unggul dalam bidang kita masing2.

Pada intinya orangtua akan bangga kalo anaknya bisa mandiri, berkembang dan unggul dalam bidangnya. Satu hal, Eyang bilang bahwa jika orang makin tua, memorinya yang paling kuat adalah ketika dia muda chingu.

the truth is no matter who you are or how much you love this song taehyung will always love it x more than you.

Don’t copy our work! We don’t allow reposting our work on other sites! Text posted on January 18, at If you have requests, our inbox is opened! It was almost like a routine, Jimin always telling you to come to the dorm to hang out with him, but then, on your way there, receiving a text reading that he will be a half an hour late because of schedule and to just ask one of the other boys to let you in.

You heard the familiar sound of the door unlocking and opening and as you looked up, you were greeted by a smiling Jin.

BTS MTL: dating an inexperienced vs experienced girl

This is only my opinion. I do love all members and while I think all are special in their own way Jimin has something more, here we go. Jimin has this aura about him that draws people in. If I met him in person I truly think I would be overwhelmed by it. Jimin is this charismatic person that has the personality to want you to be closer to him. Like a moth to a flame people are drawn to him.

BTS singer Jimin has pulled out of the group’s appearance ‘The Graham Norton Show’. The K-pop band – also now as the Bangtan Boys – are scheduled for a performance on the BBC late night talk show.

Jimin x male Reader Warnings: You are not, by any definition of the word, nonchalant. And he freaking kisses you and stuff! You practically squeal in the remembrance of his lips pressed over yours, hands wandering, wandering, you remember how you were and still are very encouraging of said wandering. You have to hold yourself together, because giggling is not manly, but screw being manly!

Let the giggles free! Your mind is rambling at, what seems impossible, a quicker pace than the giggles you let out. Which leads to you waking up a sleeping Park Jimin. At first his eyes flutter and shut quickly after, then with the silence you provide in return his eyes open again. Round pupils dilated, searching, searching for you.

BTS members talk about past relationship with girl friend