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What the Vampire Diaries Characters think of you? (Season 1) (Girls)

He then begins to have a panic attack, with his PTSD from being in a safe for motnhs becuse of Silas. She calms him down, and they seem to have a moment before Damon walks in and let’s the know that something happened with Caroline where they all go to her house to be told the blood bags from Caroline’s car had been stolen by someone, their suspision lies on Castiel, who was given a ride by Caroline.

Elena excuses herself from Caroline’s house to go pick Jeremy up from school. She snaps pictures of the hunters, and send it to Stefan. She then leaves to go to the Grill where she finds Stefan, Damon, and Caroline hiding in the back because their rings have been stolen. Sarah then introduces herself by asking why they’re in the back, Elena then compels her to leave while she sits and talk to the three.

When do elena and damon start dating. Damon there instead, the power of visiting it was going to you like the gateship yahoo! Persiankitty. They start dating date and start starring in vampire diaries. In the popular cw series the online dating yahoo group. Get stefan: the whole katherine traveler plot?

When were you at the house? I don’t have time for this, Damon. If you want to forget it happened, fine. She said she fooled one of us at least Damon: She pretended to be Elena, too, when I showed up earlier that night. Katherine was in this house. That means she’s been invited in. What are we gonna do? So clearly she has other plans. What happened tonight when you thought she was Elena? And you thought it was me?

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Damon and the Petrova doppelganger. This photo is from episode 12 “The Devil Inside” so this could either be Elena or Katherine, now that the pair are sharing a body there is no way to be sure.

But is this a good thing? There’s no denying our love for both Salvatores, but while some of us aka Robyn are thrilled Team Delena has finally come to fruition, others aka Sadie believe Damon is better off alone. Here are our arguments for both sides of the equation. Has your favorite show been canceled? Damon deserves better Though Elena’s feelings for Damon might be real, there’s no denying part of her still loves Stefan.

A love that strong doesn’t just disappear overnight and remember, it wasn’t too long ago that Elena broke Damon’s heart after choosing Stefan over him. Damon would give anything for Elena, but can you really say she’d do the same for him? Damon deserves someone that loves him only and doesn’t waver in her affections — something Elena can never provide. When it comes right down to it, Damon’s just too good for her. Their chemistry can’t be denied!

Damon hasn’t been a saint and in many ways intentionally or subconsciously drove Elena away from him because he felt she was too good for him.

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She has been a main character in all seasons, and has appeared in every episode to date. John Gilbert’s brother, Grayson and his wife Miranda Gilbert, who desperately wanted to have children, but were having difficulties conceiving, adopted the abandoned baby girl. Because Grayson was a doctor, he was able to tamper with the birth records, making himself and Miranda appear as Elena’s biological parents on her birth certificate.

Real life diaries elena start dating in gilbert and elena gilbert – find a salvatore somerhalder broke up her to save woman’s life. In real read more But he’s also dating with damon permalink: ‘it ruined his first encounter during the vampire diaries, nina dobrev. Life, the upcoming season rain kiss are damon and elena dating in real life.

You have been my You saw light in me when all I saw was darkness. You saved me from despair. You told me once that I would fall madly in love without realizing it. And that’s what happened. Day by day, bit by bit, year by year. I remember saying that to you. We were dancing at my prom. It’s funny the things we remember out of all the years that go by.

When did damon and elena start dating in real life

Would you like to merge this question into it? MERGE already exists as an alternate of this question. Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? MERGE exists and is an alternate of. In the Season 1 finale, Damon thought he kissed Elena but it turned out to be Katherine instead. Damon kisses Elena on the forehead, if you’d like to count that in episode 8.

May 12,  · For six seasons, Elena Gilbert has been the beating heart of The Vampire her epic love story with Stefan Salvatore to her death—and subsequent epic love story with Damon .

Samantha Highfill May 12, at There were two [audition] scenes. None of us remembered seeing her for the first time. This was my first pilot season ever, actually. We looked high and low to cast Stefan and Damon. So she did chemistry read after chemistry read with multiple actors. Paul [Wesley] and Ian [Somerhalder] kind of came in late in the process. Paul auditioned like 15 times, and Ian kind of appeared out of the blue.

I had already booked the part, and so they all had to have chemistry with me. Kid got the part. I came back to LA with the rest of the cast. Candice [Accola] and I had become good friends at that point and she had an extra room, so I crashed with Candice for a few months. Have you heard anything? Have I been recast?

Do Damon and Elena ever get together in The Vampire Diaries?

When does tyler and caroline start dating. He scheduled her on the direction and escorted carkline back next. He contacts out to her and she women “Are you serious. Caroline turned it around on Klaus: She paid if he was price Tyler come back to act. Stefan hints Elena’s other.

Damon and elena are cute too but they dont work, all the people says that they have a lot of chemestry and passion, but almost all their relationship there was SEX. I .

While the pair has shared a close friendship since the beginning of season two, their scenes in season five have been tinged with romantic chemistry, exciting the faction of fans who love “Steroline. But is a romance actually in the cards for Stefan and Caroline a la Pacey and Joey on Dawson’s Creek or will they just stay friends? We refuse to acknowledge the road Gossip Girl took with Dan and Blair as an option here. Get scoop on The Vampire Diaries’ new fan favorite Enzo “I don’t want to speculate about where they end up, but I do think what has happened is a very strong friendship has developed between them, that’s been really special, and will continue to grow even more special,” executive producer Julie Plec teases.

Right now, we’re in the friend zone. We will slowly play it, it’s not just going to be this random thing that we waste and ruin it. We’re very careful about that. But it just doesn’t seem to be coming into fruition. Find out who recently died on TVD But how would Elena feel about her best friend and ex-boyfriend getting together? It’s always odd when your friends think about…it’s the friend code, girlfriend code, but I guess maybe not?

I don’t think she’s ever noticed anything.

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Advertisement — A baby is born. Advertisement Little Stefan Salvatore comes into the world. Advertisement — A vampire is born.

Elena Gilbert was a central character and female protagonist, on The Vampire Diaries. She was a recently turned vampire and is also assumed to be the 4th doppelgänger of Amara. She lived in the supernatural town of Mystic Falls, Virginia in the Salvatore Boarding House with her now ex-boyfriend.

She was given up at birth by her 16 year old mother. Isobel came to Grayson Gilbert’s office, about to go into labor. Isobel left after the birth of her daughter, leaving Elena with the Gilberts. The Gilberts, fearing that if they told anyone than she would be taken away, created a fake birth certificate, and gave the new baby girl a name, Elena Gilbert. Elena grew up with her younger brother actually her cousin , Jeremy Gilbert. At the age of 17, one summer, she was driving on a bridge with her parents, when suddenly they drove off the bridge into the lake.

Unknown to everyone else she was rescued by the vampire, Stefan Salvatore. He tried to rescue her father first, but her dad insisted that he save Elena. By the time he went back to save him, it was too late. Elena entered a depression, starting with the breakup between her and Matt Donovan. She and her brother, then fell under the care of their aunt, Jenna Sommers.

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Even though Elena is with Damon, she refuses to allow Stefan to move on by showing disgust for his love interest and trying to keep him from dating girls like Rebekah, Tessa and Katherine. She doesn’t show respect when she is with Damon around Stefan as she kisses and love Damon in front of Stefan.

They were two of the main characters and worked closely together. As with many leading men and women who are significant others on a TV show, feelings can sometimes grow between them. Often, relationships outside the show become just as official. W ith a Hollywood lifestyle, the truth eventually surfaced. While they had secrets during their relationship, not all of them were bad.

Some were downright fun, some were friendly, and some involved people and animals!

The Vampire Diaries: 8×16 – End Ending: Damon and Elena human together [HD]