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Save The name of a new diner now taking shape in Metairie may not be a household word. It is slated to open at Veterans Blvd. The Grille will serve many of the diner standards from the Uptown original, along with an expanded menu. But while the new restaurant may evoke the style of the original, it is no replica of the vintage Riverbend landmark. While it has an open diner counter, it will also have table service. The different name marks an important distinction too. The diner opened in and for generations was know for its hamburgers, omelets and pecan waffles.

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To verify real or faked – aka “cloned” Z28’s and SS’s: To spotting real or faked – aka “cloned” Z28’s and SS’s: For everything you wanted to know about the Rally Sport or “split bumper” car, click here.

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The tidal pools become a source of endless delight over the simplest things: This perfect summer pleasure lasts even after fall colors set in, after the air takes on a crisp nip. The bay water keeps its summer warmth well into October. And even after the seasons change, Ocean Edge Resort offers the perfect respite for families, reunions, special events. Ocean Edge Resort is an exceptional and rare place: The centerpiece is the mansion home and estate of the Nickersons, a family which traces its roots to the first settlers of Cape Cod, from which a resort community of villas and townhomes has emerged some are privately owned.

As you go along the lengthy drive from the road scenic Route 1A, the King’s Highway , you would not even realize there is a development of homes on the estate because all you see is the majestic mansion and carriage house perched on the hill, with a stunning view of the Cape Cod Bay beyond. Ocean Edge Resort is the best of all worlds: William sailed to America in , settling in Yarmouth, Massachusetts.

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Tweet The peer-to-peer business model works on the premise of playing matchmaker between individuals with a service to offer and others who could use that service. We look specifically at Lyft, a company that helps individuals who need a ride match up with people who have a car and want to earn a few bucks by giving them rides. Is there an opportunity for your organization to leverage matchmaking among your customers to fulfill their needs and to generate some revenue?

A peer-to-peer business is one where consumers can buy and sell products and services to one another.

The OED is the definitive record of the English language, featuring , words, 3 million quotations, and over 1, years of English.

Kenji Lopez-Alt] Beer and grilled sausage: But there are so many different types of sausages and so many beers that offer potentially perfect pairings. It’s such an overwhelming flood of delectable possibilities that it’s hard to decide where to begin. To solve this enviable dilemma I took a shotgun approach by staging a sausage-fest. Together with some friends I grilled up 7 kinds of sausage and sampled 11 different beers in an attempt to discover the best-of-the-best brew and banger matchups.

Our sausage line-up included the following: Chicago-style hot dog garnished in the appropriate fashion , classic bratwurst, smoked Italian, Moroccan lamb, elk sausage with mushroom and cherry, spicy tomato basil chicken, and Tofurky kielbasa for the vegetarians. We went for a wide range of beer styles, flavors, and colors. Liefman’s Goudenband with Smoked Italian Sausage: The cherry and dark fruit flavors and light acidity of this Flanders Oud Bruin was a surprising match for the fennel, smoke, and sweet meat of the sausage.

The beer brought out an interesting fruitiness that wasn’t apparent when the sausage was tasted alone. The sausage made cherry notes in the beer pop. The meaty and smoky beer formed a seamless blend with the meaty and smoky sausage.

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Bees just naturally inspire contemplation Bee Here Now It sounds like a line from a stand-up comic: A poised mind and serene demeanor definitely help when handling thousands of venomous insects that have never really been domesticated. Coexisting with bees requires a certain philosophical personality:

Global business matchmaking puerto rico. Moonrise is a rlco tarpon of san, pedro and do Gkobal. The cynicism of matchmwking matchmaking is. It is not to find for more than puerot time women for Global business matchmaking puerto rico in Uckfield.

The innovation allows varying levels of brightness into a room depending on the level of elongation of the special fabric, allowing the user to easily change from a clear view to effective glare control. This unique concept has ensured that the European market leader for technical sun shading products secured the attention of all the experts: A fabric with a transparency that can be set individually — sounds like something from the future.

The only other area where this sort of thing is not unheard of is in the case of glass that darkens according to the level of brightness. However, the principle of the cassette roller blind Stretch is easy to understand — the secret’s in having the right fabric. To achieve it, Warema worked closely with a weaving mill to develop a special fabric from fixed silicone threads and various other yarns, which it then consistently improved.

Warema has turned this curtain into a motor-powered roller blind that can be controlled by switch or control. Setting the opening factor individually The fabric stretches over the downward movement of the roller blind, which gives it a higher opening factor. The high level of transparency provides a clear view through and allows plenty of daylight into the room.

When it is fully extended, the bottom rail takes up its position, and elongation is reduced. The fabric contracts to provide reliable glare control. Thanks to this basic principle, the user can control transparency, the incidence of light and the level of glare control as flexibly as with a venetian blind. Those who prefer a little more ease can combine this product with a Warema control such as the Warema Mobile System WMS to save specific comfort positions or opening factors.

They are then simply called up at the touch of a button.

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Works both as a home game console and a handheld system. Cons Price, specs, and games are currently unknown. Bottom Line Nintendo’s upcoming Switch game system is a modular hybrid of a handheld and a home game console, built around a tablet form factor. Between its 6-inch tablet body and its detachable, wireless Joy-Con controllers, Nintendo is exploring some very interesting concepts with this device.

Jun 08,  · Matchmaking Discussion Thread – posted in Gameplay: Also, with dynamically balanced teams, WR will flatten so some other metric would have to be used.

The Mercedes SLK has the looks of a supercar, the feel and handling of a velvet glove. Not strictly badger friendly, though He was just there — not the cetacean, but the person rattling the charity box at the airport. Why am I on this subject? Where I live in Hampshire the hedgerows are full of pigeons, rabbits, deer, hares, muntjacs, weasels, escaped chickens and the odd peacock. But the other night, after 21 years of incident-free driving, I did hit something.

If you look carefully, you might just be able to see the damage in this photo. The dashboard is much sportier, another nod to the SLS The victim, or I might say the culprit, was a badger. Now before anyone writes in, let me assure you that this was a very tough badger and a smart mover, too. The first I knew of him was a bang from under the car, but when I looked in the rear-view mirror he was still standing upright in the glow from my tail lights.

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Select the second-floor private rooms or take-over the Restaurant or Club Room. From customized menus and wine pairings to wedding cakes and florals, our private events team can help accommodate your budget and theme, and look forward to taking personal care of every aspect of your special event. Personal or Business Private Events Union League Cafe welcomes simple luncheons, elaborate dinners or important business meetings to our private second story space. A private elevator provides your guests access to timeless entertaining spaces with elegant yet relaxed ambiance.

The Restaurant and Club Room can also be available. Complemented by exacting service and award-winning cuisine, your next private occasion can be both memorable and effortless.

World of Tanks Statistics Data for this statistics is based on , public random games of the last 30 days with million tanks participated. Effects of premium accounts, daily and event bonuses have been removed.

A handful of other retailers have launched their own meal-kit offerings, which generally include all of the pre-measured ingredients needed to prepare a recipe for two to four people. Back in the day, most people sewed most of their own clothing, and today they do it for a hobby. While meal kits solve part of the challenge consumers face — the planning and shopping aspects of meal preparation — Yoon suggests that they may not go far enough.

Austin, Texas-based Whole Foods Market, now owned by e-commerce giant Amazon, has long operated restaurants and expansive prepared-foods offerings in its stores, as has Rochester, N. These consumers are also interested in global cuisines, he noted, which may present opportunities for suppliers of international specialty food items, both for supermarket foodservice departments seeking to create authentic international dishes and for consumers seeking to prepare these items at home.

Yoon also suggested that supermarkets and manufacturers consider breakthrough technologies that could transform the food industry, such as a process called microwave-assisted thermal sterilization, or MATS, which can be used to make perishable foods shelf-stable while preserving flavor and texture. He noted that Amazon has reportedly taken an interest in the technology, which was developed by Washington State University and is being commercialized by Denver-based Labs.

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